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Mural Lost

This game is based on Dunhuang culture. The player will play the role of a tourist who falls into a trap and is hunted by the guardian beast of the mural due to the destruction of the mural, and return to reality by decrypting the level in the mural and escaping the chase of the guardian beast. In order to make the game friendly to the visually impaired and ordinary people, the game has been designed with the needs of the visually impaired in mind and uses a multi-sensory interaction.


There are four characters, including the tour guide, the tourist (the player in the game), the guardian beast, and the nine-colored deer.


Game process

At the beginning of the game, the player hears a sound conversation. This dialogue is about a tourist who falls into a trap after destroying a fresco and is chased by a guardian animal and accidentally falls into the water while fleeing. Luckily, he meets the deer, who rescues him and tells him that he needs to decrypt the level to escape the trap and return to the real world. However, the journey home is not always smooth, and in the process of decrypting the level, the player may disturb the guardian beast, at which point, the player needs to escape the beast by running away. Throughout the decryption process, the player picks up clues that lead to a larger conspiracy against the deer. In order to save the nine color deer, the player continues to risk, and eventually escape the trap.

A checkpoint for hearing and distinguishing objects

In this level, you have to shake your phone to get sound feedback and guess what's in the box. This interactive approach is effective for blind people as well as ordinary people because it is not visually centered.


Chase battle level

This level requires the player to determine the position of the monster by its sound and run forward by clicking with both hands. During the escape, the player will feel vibrations and hear footsteps, resulting in a more immersive experience.

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